About Dan Ho

Dan Ho is a born and bred Micronesian from Agat, Guam.

In 2001, Dan became a reporter for American Public Television's Colorvision. Shortly thereafter, he created and hosted Home with Dan Ho  for WMPG radio in Portland, Maine, which ran through 2002. After publishing 2 books and the award-winning Rescue Magazine (2003-2005), he hosted Discovery Communications' The Dan Ho Show, which premiered on Discovery Health and FitTV in 2006.  He was regular contributor to the Hallmark Channel and Canadian television between 2006-2008. In Micronesia, he created and hosted evening current events show Pa'gu with Dan Ho for PBS Guam (2008-2010).  He also created and directed the kid's conservation series Clubhouse 12 (2009-2010). 

He is the founder of The Micronesian Image Institute which is solely dedicated to preserving the Micronesian legacy in media and communications.

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